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Below are some pictures of me training Sugar. Jerry, the wonder trainer, (of Bear Creek Stables in Quitman) coached me on training and vastly improved my techniques. Sadly, I had quit most of the ground work after beginning to ride her, and she fell into "discipline disarray", LOL!! Plus, she was pretty spoiled!!!!

However, we are off on the right foot now and she's minding very well, even though I get her confused sometimes because I'm not anywhere near as good at this as Jerry, and am still working on consistency!!


Lunge line work at a walk The walk is looking good

Lunge line trotting Stop and face me, moving rear over

Tacking up for some line driving Line driving in the pasture

Line driving and I may need to move up on the lines Looking good, need to work closer in I think

Sugar is doing very well Ears are up and we're working good

A combination of lungeing and driving She's lunging, but with driving reins, in a circle

A pause in training to pose More circle driving...

Getting ready to head to the barn Heading into the middle pasture

And Elvis has left the building....

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