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Here's some pictures of Sugar in her new trailer. I've taken some western horsemanship lessons from Crooked Creek Farm Riding School in Downsville, from Mollie Phelps, an ex-show jumper and current dressage competitor and instructor. She's been to the professional horse trainer and I recently got her back. Jerry Norred did a great job (Bear Creek Stables in Quitman) and I've been to ride her a number of times with excellent results. Now I have to continue his work and earn her respect back.

We decided to do this after the trip to Sullivan Stables for a fox trotter meeting and St. Jude's trail ride in October. However, she didn't act well enough to go on the ride, so we rode only in the enclosed arena. That went fairly well--until she decided that it was boring and she didn't want to do it anymore, so she decided that she would BARELY move!! Hopefully, she will be much better now, and she'll move--I went out and bought a pair of spurs and that has helped. I did that because the first ride at Mr. Jerry's she pulled the same thing with me, initially and I had to use his quirt on her. Decided I didn't want to have to do that every ride! They work really well, but you have to be careful and gentle in using them.

Sort of looks like she's in jail, LOL!! Happily eating, as she usually is....

I got her in, but the hind legs were tough!! Sugar's sweet new ride!!

Driving Miss Sugar! Sugar is not too sure she likes this, LOL!!

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