Sunshines Peppy Poco (Sunny) - American Quarter Horse

Here are some pictures of Sunny, a fourteen-year-old registered American Quarter Horse. We bought him on August 22, 2012, and picked him up the following Wednesday. I took the day off -- H-day, LOL! He's a retired team penning horse, and is extremely well-bred--a son of Peppy de Badger, and grandson of Peppy San Badger, and his dam goes back to Poco Bueno (registration). We are really pleased to have him and I show him at Cotton Country shows. He has a lot more competition than Sugar does in the gaited class, so usually he doesn't place, but every now and then he gets a fifth or sixth-place ribbon. We didn't show in 2015 at all and I really haven't been riding much this year. Plan to get back to it for the 2016 show season.

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