Season's Greetings from the Clows!

We hope you all have had a great year in 2004 with good things planned for 2005. We've had an eventful year with its share of ups and downs, but maybe peace and quiet have settled in.

Ken stepped down from his dean's position earlier this year. He now holds the business college's Biedenharn Endowed Chair of Research position in an interim capacity. Consequently, he is much more relaxed and has a lot more time to devote to his writing. Since all his textbooks are going into new editions, this has worked out well. Meanwhile he's also back to teaching classes which he has missed for the last few years. On the big plus side, he can spend more time at home.

Susan is a senior due to graduate in May. It's been a long haul with, finally, a light at the end of the tunnel. This semester was by far the toughest and she is surprised to still be maintaining a 4.0 gpa. But, the hard work has been rewarded with induction into two honorary societies and selection for Who's Who. Also, she has been working since this summer as a student programmer in the Computing Center on campus, so between the two, she hasn't had time to keep up with anything else! However, next semester will be down to a part-time status with only two classes to go!!

The Clows on June 19thIn June we welcomed a new daughter-in-law into the family, Heather (married in Hawaii in April, reception in June in Missouri). Tim has been promoted to a managing director at SIFE and Heather recently became the executive director of the Missouri branch Make-A-Wish Foundation. (Photo: Dallas, Tim, Heather, Susan, Ken, Wes)

Dallas continues to be indispensable at Raytheon and is one of 20 young engineers across the country to be selected to be part of a fast track program to become one of their senior engineers in the future as their current ones retire. Therefore, he has been traveling quite a bit.

Wes has been extremely busy with classes which has paid off with exceptional grades and an infrared robot that took 2nd-place in senior lab competition. We look forward to two electrical engineers in the family.

Megan and RoyRoy is a Windows system administrator at Pittsburg State University. In addition, he's very busy with theater working with sound and lighting, as well as some stage acting, recently performing in "The Tempest." (Photo: Roy with Megan, his girlfriend)

Lily, our beloved welsh corgi seen on the front, is two and doing quite well. She is Ken's little darling and fairly spoiled, though to give her credit, she doesn't act it very often. Poor Easton is nearly 13 and has good and bad days, but hangs in there.

Best Wishes for the Holidays and 2005 from Ken, Susan, Lily, and Easton

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