This is written in January 2004, so only highlights will be touched upon.


Saturday the 3rd we fixed breakfast at our house for LaVance, a friend from our North Carolina church who happens to have family in the Monroe area. It was great to see him and here about everyone out there. That's the worse part of moving and leaving good friends behind. On the 4th we hosted the monthly dinner club meal at our house for eight people. It's a lot of work, but we enjoyed it. On the 5th we attended a small reception hosted by the accounting department honoring the top students in their classes and Susan was nominated by her professor. (Thank you for the honor, Dr. Hodge!) Then on the 8th we attended a retirement dinner for Jim Hood at the Olive Garden, hosted by the accounting department. He was a long-time chair of the department and had been at the university 34 years! On the 10th we enjoyed more boating with Lily. She enjoys being with us, even if it means getting out on the water. On the 19th we left for a short trip up north to Missouri to stay with Tim and Heather and go on up and see Ken's family. Then at the end of May the first summer session began and Susan was in one class, Intro to Business Program (an every day M-F class).

Tim and Heather in front of their car and house Ken and Tim


Wasn't much going on in June besides classes and Ken working, though Lily and Susan enrolled in the puppy class at Ouachita Valley Dog Training Club in West Monroe for an 8-week course meeting every Wednesday night. On the 12th we attended the River Town Awards Banquet at the Mnroe Civic Center. Ken usually has a number of events like this to attend throughout the year, but we enjoy them and there's always food and drink furnished. The Ruston Peach Fest was held Saturday the 14th and we took Lily over to enjoy the festivities with us. There were a lot of booths and some great peach cobbler alamode! However, the weather could have been better....

Lily wants some peach cobbler also Enjoying the festivities

The 15th we went over to Dick and Jan's for a dinner club installment. These have been a lot of fun!

Dallas, Tim, and Heather (with Abby) came over in June. Ken and I bought an inflatable water thing to pull behind the boat. Tim, Heather and I took turns on it and although very tiring on the arms it was great fun! Unfortunately, Dallas wasn't feeling the best, so he wasn't into water sports this visit (hopefully next time). Got some pictures of the kids below. Luckily no one got the camera out while I was on it.

Tim and Heather trying it out together It doesn't work so well with twoTim solo Tim, Heather, and I on the beach


Another month much like the last. Susan spends quite a bit of non-class time out by the pool and enjoying the hot and humid Louisiana summer. She likes the hot weather and can be found outside when most people are staying under the air conditioning. Easton likes it hot also, but Lily can usually be found lying aroound on some cool brick surface. We've been teaching her where the steps are in the pool so that she can get out and have discovered that she doesn't like swimming. We bought Ken a grill also.

We attended the July 4th festivities at the park and took Lily. Then on the 5th Ken and I traveled to Shreveport to shop and eat (always eat....). Second Summer Session also began so I'm taking management information systems. More boating on the 12th and puppy classes, and then graduated 2nd in the class. Ken finished his fountain also and we enjoyed a summer of swimming and boating.

Ken with his new grill, Easton looking on July 4th festivities at the park

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