Well, we surprised Ken!!! It was great watching his expression every time he saw one of his sons and family!! Not sure how we kept it a secret, but it worked. On Friday, Sept. 7th, after we returned home from a birthday lunch at Catfish Cabin with Bill McC, Tim and Heather managed to slip in and when Ken came out of his study, there they were. It was great and the look on his face was priceless!!!

Afterwards, I left to pick up the cake/balloons and arrange our dinner reservation at Pueblo Viejo, our favorite Mex restaurant. Later after visiting all afternoon, we all left for the restaurant where we met up with our good friends, Phyllis and Wayne, and Lavon and Abe. We ordered food, drinks, and munched on chips and dips. Then Dallas, Lauren, Wes, and Tiff walked in, and Ken was stunned and practically speechless!! He was so surprised and touched that all of them would come in for his birthday--even Dallas and Lauren from California!!! We had fun visiting, eating, and drinking, and especially eating with all the food we downed including a wonderful decorated carrot cake by Brookshire's.

On Saturday, we visited, swam, ate, and in the evening went to the bowling alley. Our alley serves really good food and drinks, so we all got stuffed--again. Unfortunately, Sunday rolled around way too fast and by the afternoon all had left to return home.

I can't thank you guys enough for giving Ken the best present he could wish for -- your presence!!!

Below are some party pictures from PV..... (and on Page 2)

Heather and Tim Tim, Jackson, and Ken the Birthday Boy

Friends, Phyllis and Wayne Friends, Abe and Lavon

Dallas and Lauren Wes and Tiff

The birthday cake The birthday boy (won't admit to his age LOL!

Jackson, Heather and Tim Jackson, the grandson

Bayou Bowling Alley pictures from Saturday evening....

Jackson bowling with Dallas helping Tim bowling with Jackson, Dallas, Lauren, Tiffany and Heather looking on

Jackson and Heather Jackson and Heather with Tiff waving in the background

Ken and Jackson Ken the birthday boy

The group at the alley

More pictures on the next page (Page 2)

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