We have been developing a 'school' of koi fish in the approx 1-acre pond below the house, since the summer of 2010 after a severe algae-bloom nearly covered the pond that spring. Hasn't happened since, LOL! These are the latest pictures from May 2013; I need to look at the older picts and put some of those on. Some of the fish in the older pictures are no more; unfortunately, life in a natural pond with turtles and snakes can be hard, particularly for lighter-colored fish! (Redneck and Spot are two really smart fish which were around 5 inches long when bought.)

Currently we have 17 koi of various sizes and sexes (fairly uncertain about the sex of each, LOL!!) Two are solid gold, Goldie and Lil Gold (who is now as big as Goldie), and the only way to tell them apart is by the slightly darker spot on the forehead, Goldie's is larger, LOL!

RIP Patches, Silver, Lemon, Rudy, Ghost, CC, Tiger Lily and Calipso!!

School of 10 or more koi Calico Whitefin, Tiger Lily & Calipso

Calico Blackfin, Hot Lips (small new one), Calico Whitefin & Redneck Hot Lips and Jag

New little Hot Lips much smaller than long-timers, LOL! Tiger Lily, Calipso & Redneck Jag-May2013

Calipso-May2013 Calico Blackfin-May2013 Calico Blackfin-May2013

Lil Gold--who is as big as Goldie School of Koi Lil Gold, we have 2 solid gold koi

Skeletor and Freckle

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