In late 2007, we found a lovely home on 28.5 partially cleared and wooded acreage located in the country east of Downsville LA, and after negotiations and several loans we moved in on December 19. It's about 8 miles west of West Monroe off Hwy 15, but is in Union Parish rather than Ouachita Parish where Monroe is located. The commute to work is around 30 minutes, though Susan has made it in 25 in her Mustang, LOL! Let's hope no deer run out..... We are really enjoying being out in the country and the quiet when we sit outside on the porch. We and the girls hike around the woods nearly every day that the weather is good, plus it's a long walk to the mailbox. Below are some pictures at the time.

Later on we are going to buy a horse, which Susan is over the moon about!! She is studying gaited horse breeds for trail riding and horse maintenance to get ready to put a shed and fencing around for it. She can't wait!!!! Meanwhile we've seen three deer and found numerous indications of other wildlife.

Front view in winter Front side view, we plan to install a sidewalk later

Backyard view of pool Backyard view from garage balcony

Backyard towards pond Closer view of pond

Backyard view towards the house Front yard up the drive to trees

Side view from garage balcony Trail through the woods

Lily and Toni exploring a trail Another trail through the woods

Here's a couple inside pictures. We're still unpacking and moving stuff around, but it's getting better. Looking forward to warm weather again....

Living room view from the kitchen Susan in kitchen making a rum cake

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