This spring we upgraded to a full-blown 2008 Jayco Melbourne RV by trading in the Roadtrek camper van we had purchased in 2006. This is great!!! We plan to get away for more weekend trips and it's much more spacious and comfortable than the van. It is quite a bit larger so not as versatile and convenient to take on day trips, but can still go on shopping trips and take the dogs, etc., because it's still one of the smaller ones at 31 ft. It has two slide outs that move the couch/stove and the bed out when parked, leaving a lot more room to move around in. That's one of the best thing--a queen-size bed that stays made up and available at all times, rather than having to make the bed every night while camping.

New RV living quarters Dining area

Kitchen area and into bedroom Kitchen and stove with slide out in

Bed and more storage The john or head if it was a boat, LOL Camping at Lake D'Arbonne using the slide outs

Driveway photoSusan walking Lily and Toni

With Sugar's new ride

First we tried tenting, with a large 10x15 Columbia tent. It was really roomy, but as the weather warmed up, became really hard to sleep in at night.Then we upgraded to a 2006 Roadtrek Adventurous camper van, although fully contained it became rather cramped over time. The old camper.....

Side view

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