Greetings from the Clows! Hope your year has been full of blessings and inspiration. Our's was one of work and school mostly. Ken stays busy with dean duties and has completed four textbooks this year. Susan is now a junior at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, majoring in computer info systems. Classes are going well, though each semester gets harder. (What was I thinking!) Counting down-just three more semesters.

Ken traveled quite a bit, which included a trip back to our old haunt in NC and visited with many friends and former coworkers. We were able to attend a conference together in Denver in March which was very cold. It included a memorable bus trip into the mountains by a rather wild driver, so we ended up in a minor wreck on a snow packed mountain road, but it reminded us of our younger and foolhardy years.

Also in March we added a Pembroke Welsh Corgi to our family. Lily has been a real blessing to our lives and is a daddy's girl. Her and Ken are extremely close and she goes everywhere she can with us, including trips and boating. She is very smart and keeps us entertained with her antics.
The boys are all doing very well and travel quite a bit. Dallas has been to California several times and also to Colombia and Europe. In fact, him, Tim, and Heather made arrangements to meet in Paris this summer and had a great time exploring the culture and of course the food. Tim and Heather were in Europe for the International SIFE competition.

The most exciting news is that Tim and Heather got engaged in the Bahamas during the summer. They plan to get married this April in Hawaii with a reception at Springfield in June. We're really looking forward to welcoming Heather (and Abby the granddog) into our family! Heather recently was promoted and Tim has taken on more responsibilities at SIFE where they both work.

Dallas is working on a master's degree in physics while still employed at Raytheon and Wes continues his electrical engineering degree. Both of them have been in the Bahamas on their annual Christmas sail. (They love the Bahamas!)

Roy is still with Pitt State and attending classes there. He traveled to Korea with a student group and had a great time. Much of his time is spent as a sound and lighting tech for local plays in the area, some of which he also performs in.

May God bless each one of you every day and keep you safe throughout 2004.

Ken, Susan, Lily & Easton Clow

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